In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Club Administration - Stacey Nishi

    By-Laws Committee - Pat Liddell
    Nominating Committee - Patricia Larrigan
Club Meetings - Patricia Magoffin
    Interclubs - Stacey Nishi
    Programs - Ron Baker & Vince Espinoza
    Greeters - Dolores Mirzaie
    Pledge - Pam Spiszman
    Inspiration - Mike Guyer
    Guest Introductions - Karine Grigoryan
    Sergeant at Arms - Jim Dyrness, Jim Owens

    Lunch Check-In - Jen Swain, Lisa Brooks, Claudia Syscock
    Set-up -  Jim Dyrness, Jim Owens

Communications - Patricia Larrigan
    KiwaniNews - Cathy Keen, Patti Baker, John Saunders
    FaceBook/Social Media - Shant Sahakian, Jen Swain, Miryam Finkelberg
    Glendale Kiwanis Website - Susie Dell
    Public Relations - Shant Sahakian
Finance & Fundraising - Page Whyte, Pat Liddell
    Dues / Club Payments - Susie Dell
    Investment Committee - Patricia Larrigan
Membership - Miryam Finkelberg
    Membership Mixers - Kim Guard, Jenny Schwing
    New Member Orientation - Miryam Finkelberg, Susie Dell, Irma Villegas

Finance & Fundraising - Page Whyte, Pat Liddell
    Duck Race 2017 - Stacey Nishi, Patricia Larrigan, Vince Espinoza, Kim Guard

    Holiday Gala 2017 - Monica Sierra, Mercy Velazquez, Patti Baker
    Kiwanis Bingo Party - Miryam Finkelberg
Community Services - Carl Povilaitis, Lou Finkelberg
Human & Spiritual Values - Patti & Ron Baker, Isabel Reyes
    Ascencia Guest Chef - Ron & Patti Baker, Isabel Reyes
    Rice & Beans - Dave Cormier, Stephanie Cafiero, Vince Espinoza
Service Leadership Programs - Jack Bilheimer, Irma Villegas
    BUG - Jack Bilheimer, Irma Villegas
    Wilson Builders Club  (on hiatus) - 
    Fremont K-Kids - Karen Swan, Janie Roach
    Horace Mann K-Kids - Meg Patrick
    Verdugo Woodlands K-Kids - Sue Jekarl
    Daily High School Key Club
(on hiatus) - 
    Holy Family Key Club - Ron Baker
    Hoover HS Key Club - Sue Jekarl, Raeetta Emmett
    GCC Circle K (on hiatus)
    Aktion Club @ Campbell Center - Jose Sierra
    Kiwanis One Day - Monica Sierra, Carl Povilaitis

Young Children Priority One -  Monica Sierra, Jeri Benton
    Pediatric Trauma Program, Harry Hull, Pat Liddell
    Reading is Fundamental - Monica Sierra, Suzi Coscarelli

Youth Services - Mark Kraus, Jenny Schwing
    Batchelor Scholarships -  Karen Swan, Harry Hull, Dan Cabrera
    Scholarships - Larry Miller, Irma Villegas
    Kiwanis Fulfills A Dream - Liza Boubari
    Special Olympics Team Training - Randy Slaughter